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Top 10 Worst Casinos in Canada

In gambling, you always want comfort and maximum guarantees. That is why you should avoid the worst Canadian gaming places. The best and worst casino bets should be taken into consideration as well. At this stage, it is important to remember the three “ingredients” of the worst online casinos:

  •    They don’t pay any winnings at all;
  •    They are pulling with payments;
  •    They provide bad guest service.

Here is the list of 10 Canadian online casinos that are the worst in Canada!

River Rock Casino Resort

It is definitely one of the worst casinos in Canada. When you go there, you may face such inconveniences as little space, unfriendly service, and poor management.

Rideau Carleton Raceway and Casino

The visitors claim that quality and service became much worse. According to the reviews, there are the worst games in the casino, the percentage of payout is extremely low and continues decreasing. 

Rideau Cree Resort and Casino

At large, there are more positive online reviews about this venue than negative ones. However, visitors do complain about air quality, inadequate surroundings, and selective service. Thus, it is up to you, whether you want to have such an experience. 

Century Casino and Bowling in Calgary

At first, this place may seem like an excellent Canadian venue online but it turns out to be on the list of the worst ones. However, some visitors’ reviews do give some big doubts about it. Even a few negative experiences in this venue may spoil the overall picture.

Casino Woodbine

If something can destroy your vacation, this is surely the one. It is definitely the worst place to have tons of fun, totally relax, and enjoy a good game. The customers say that the new owners of the place set up the gaming machines to not pay, the whole system is arranged in such a way that the bet just does not work. Try to look for something better instead of wasting your time here!

Gateway Casino Western Fair District 

Plenty of Canadians agree on the fact that this venue is not a satisfactory spot. People dislike service, cuisine, the low percentage of gaming payouts, the worst paying slots. Instead of being badly fooled in this place, it is recommended to spend a great time elsewhere.

Starlight Casino

What can be worse than destroying the atmosphere of a special and nice day? A quick visit there can significantly help you in this matter. Its design, style, and conditions cannot set you in the right mood and evoke pleasant feelings.

Treasure Cove Casino

When you hear this name, you immediately start expecting a lot from such a place. However, do not hope too much because you will be completely disappointed. The guest service, management, extremely low chance of betting lines on slot machines. So, it is for your own good to avoid places like this. 

Casino de Montreal

In spite of the astonished and marvelous exterior and interior, the online casino does lack some essential factors. You may not be able to feel completely relaxed because of being watched all the time. Moreover, some visitors claim that the tables and machines are rigged.

Casino Niagara

The main advantage that attracts plenty of visitors here is the location of the place. The views are phenomenal and breathtaking. However, it is noted in lots of reviews that the prices are unreasonably high. What is more, the level of winning lines is really poor. Therefore, if you want to be served well and get a great time, do not count on a place like this. 


May 26, 2021